Mitch Laing


Mitch Laing was born in Monroe, LA. He has been an active member of the underground music scene since summer of 1999. Mitch starting out playing bass in church praise and worship bands 1999-2001. Mitch then formed his own metal and folk bands 2001-2012. 2010 saw Mitch Laing’s director debut with the online release of his first film “Ne’erdowells. The film was produced by Delta Movies and J. B. Dunn. He then played, recorded, and toured on bass for boogie rock band “Prestor Jon” 2012-2016. 2012 is when Mitch became the full time editor for KTVE/ KARD. Eventually becoming the on air talent “Mitch In the Morning”. In 2017, he toured on bass with Green jelly members throughout the U.S. and Canada, before releasing his first solo album “Justice” off Open Heart Records. Since 2017 four solo albums have been released off Open Heart Records: “Justice”, “Avenge”, “Hokage”, and “Stache”. Also from 2017-2020 Mitch produced, edited, acting and some time directing three seasons of Open Heart Production’s Redneck reality show “Rednecks 4 Hire”. 2022 saw the release of Open Heart Production’s first full length film “Unknown Strangers”, in which Mitch Produced, edited, and starred in. 2022 also saw Mitch’s debut as the newest DJ and wet paint host for Rock 106! He is currently in production for his next film as director. The project is called The Bogman and is a Bigfoot monster movie.